Common Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are extremely useful appliances in the home. However, dealing with them can be quite a headache. Yes, the appliances can clean your home or garage floor well. However, they can also turn some basic cleaning jobs a major pain. For instance, some of the appliances are heavy, noisy or come with very few or too many accessories. Others come with bags whose replacements are hard to find or bins that prove a pain to change. The many challenges of using a vacuum cleaner are further complicated when the appliances break.

The Challenge of Picking a Vacuum Cleaner
When you start searching for a vacuum, you will find one that fits your lifestyle. The only challenge you are likely to encounter is deciding on the best model to buy. This is because there are many types and options you may have to consider. For example, you will find convertible, stick, handheld, robot, canister and upright vacuums. Depending on the configuration, you may find appliances that are both handheld and stick or upright and canister. Of course, there are also many options when looking for the best handheld vacuums out there. 

Moreover, with the many brands available in the market, how do you decide which cleaner will be best for you? Below is a quick rundown of the two most common vacuum cleaners in the market.

i) Upright Vacuum Cleaners
These are the most common types of cleaners found in most homes. The appliances sit in an upright position and are therefore great if you don't like bending a lot while cleaning. To increase the maneuverability of the vacuum, you have to press a foot lever. The features of the vacuums vary and it will be up to you to decide which ones are important. However, you will definitely have to decide whether to buy a model that collects dust in a bag or bin.

ii) Canister Vacuum Cleaners
These vacuums are also popular in many households and are more versatile than the upright type. You can easily lift the canister and take it wherever you would like. For example, if you are cleaning the stairs, you can carry the canister and use the long wand extender to easily clean each level of stairs. The cleaners also come with a variety of features and accessories. You can find the best canister vacuum cleaner by doing some research on the Internet.

Your individual needs should help you determine the best cleaner to buy. The above are some common types of vacuum cleaners you can buy.

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